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About Us

Kaleidoscope Results Coaching help people overcome their fears, phobias and confidence issues

We work with you to give you that life that you always wanted, a life without fear and a life full of confidence

Where are we?

We are based in Felixstowe (near Ipswich), England, but can also work with you if you are further afield

What is a Phobia?

A phobia is a type of fear that is classified as irrational. This means that people can run their fear even when they are not in the immediate presence of the thing they fear. So for example someone who has a fear of spider can run that pattern without seeing one, but just by thinking about one

Most Common Phobias

There are many variations of phobia, but some of the most common are Fear of spiders, Fear of Heights, Fear of Flying, and the Fear of Public speaking.

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